Sunday, May 6, 2007


Dear Diary,

My last entry found that I was a bit confussed.
Now I know why.
I was taken to the vet so that they could make me feel better.
That is what all of the other dogs told me.
Well, it has taken a couple of weeks.
Now I feel good.
Then this morning, Greg and Pat put me back into the car.
I was scared and worried that I was going back to the vet.
We drove and drove and finally stopped at a very nice house with
lots of children.
I hope that this is my furever home.
I love the sound of little feet running and playing.
I knew that when my foster mom started petting and hugging me that there was a chance that this was my furever home.
I could tell that she was so sad and happy at the same time.
Then, my new mom, Katy, started hugging me.
I knew that this was the beginning of the happiest time of my life.
Good bye Pat and Greg.
I will always love and remember everything that you did for me.
Licks and kisses to all that have helped me on my journey to a better life.
Love to all,

It is official.
My new name is SADIE.


You now have 6 girls in the house counting Katy's Mom.
What could be better.
I think that I can help you deal with this.
Don't give up.
We may have to help you find a nice Setter male to join the family.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Dear Diary,
I woke this morning and realized that I have been at my foster home for 1 month. I sure love it here with Libby and Sherman. I have been such a good dog. I love the grankids when they come to visit. I get along with everyone. I love to give hugs.

My foster dad, Greg, put me on my leash to go for a ride and I ended up at this place with all of these dogs and cats. I reminds so much of the shelter. Now I am sad and scared. I hope that I can go back to Libby and Sherman's. This place put me to sleep and cut me up. I am so scared and lonesome. My tummy hurts so much. All I want to do is go back to my foster home.

What can I do different to make you love me more? I will do anything. I miss you so much.
Please Greg and Pat come and get me.

Love, Candice.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Dear Diary...
I am a little confused by the strange weather! If April showers bring May flowers...will April snow showers bring dead flowers? I sure hope we didn't crush any daffodils or tulips while we were wrestling! Oops! If it stays cold enough, maybe I'll try to go skating on the koi pond in the morning! The best part about a cold day is getting warm...cuddle time!

Sunday, April 8, 2007


Candice writes in her diary today--

It sure is nice to have a great foster home. I am so lucky to have found a home with old people. My foster parents are about 374 years old. I sure love them but I love their grand kids so much more. They have 3 grand kids that are 9, 48 and 49 years old. I get so excited when they come to visit. Of course I am speaking in dog years because I am in my 20's. Arwen is my favorite. She is almost 9. She hugs and pets me every time she comes to visit. Sometimes we nap together.
I sure love it here.
It must be a dream.
Don't wake me.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007


I sure love Libby. We used to fight but now we play and sleep and play and sleep.......

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


We found an entry in Candice's diary today.

"Dear Diary,
Today I discovered something exciting about Sherman.
Everytime that I would lay on my back, Sherman would bring me these things they call beads.
Finally I had to quit because I could not hold my head up anymore from all of the beads.
What does this mean?
I think Sherman is a dirty old man.
But I really like him.
Am I a flasher?
I hope so.
I will do anything to find my furever home."

Sunday, March 25, 2007


I got up this morning to go out for another dip in the pond! What a surprise! I didn't realize that ANYONE was allowed to swim in MY pond! The nerve of those fish! Maybe I'll just sit here and stare them down. Maybe I can make them move to the shallow end! After all, I NEED the deep end for cannon balls! Still watching and they aren't moving away! Maybe I'll need to catch a few and make them move! Hmmmmm.....Lunch anyone?

Oh well! I guess I'll go and try to find the pheasant that teases my foster siblings!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


A couple of laps around the pond,
A quick swim,
Then... a rest on the steps...

What a way to spend the day! I can only imagine how much fun I will have tomorrow! I love my new foster home! But I would really love a home of my own!

I have heard a rumor that there was a pheasant that lived around here...
Somewhere just on the other side of the white fence...
I can't wait to meet that neighbor!


I really don't have too much to say right now... I am so scared, just look at my tail (if you can find it)! The people at the shelter are nice but I really would like to find a home... SOON!

I eneded up in an over-crowded in Southern Illinois. I don't know how I managed to end up here! I'm such a sweet girl! I deserve my own family to love!

Can you hold on a second? I just heard the people at the shelter talking about me. They said that the wonderful people at Illinois Birddog Rescue are going to rescue me. I can't wait to go to my new foster home! I will just try my best to pull my tail out from under me so I can show my foster family how happy I am !